In 2020 I set up the Podcasting Allstarz. Its a weekly Accountability group. A group where us podcasters can interact, network and encourage each other to achieve our goals.

Please feel free to check out my ALLSTARZ family members and their amazing Podcasts...

Harmony Garcia - The Bliss Broker

Harmony AKA The Bliss Broker is simply the most active person I know!!

She is a Confidence & Mindset Coach focusing on the Ladies of the world.Please check out the the link to her Podcast Trailor and Social Media.





Rodney Sadler - Brotha Of A Certain Age

Now its time to get real with my homeboy Rodney Sadler AKA Brotha OF A CERTAIN AGE.Check out his awesome podcast and youtube channel.



Howard Blend - Howards Blend Podcast

Meet my good friend Howard Blend. He is one of the funniest guys i know and he is also abit of a mad scientist as he makes his own Protein powders. Oh and to top it all off he has an awesme podcast.


SMB Nutritian