Welcome To The Man Cave

A Collective Audio To My Life

My Names Marc

Welcome to the Man Cave.

A happy place I've been creating since 2017. 

Life has never been unkind to me but at times I've found it not the easist of places to live. Everyone assumes that as a middle aged man I'm to know everything. In all honesty,  I've struggled, life has been complicated. The one thing that's kept me on track is podcasting and content creating.

Over the years I've created many podcasts and talked to multiple fountains of knowledge. I hope to share with you what I've picked up and inspire you to make a change, The change that may just change life forever....

What is Man cave ?

Growing up as a teen in the 90's was extremely rewarding, listening to Pulp, Oasis and Blur (best decade of music). It also came with Cigarettes, Ecstasy, speed and weed. So what I guess I'am saying is every high has its low.

As a result it will leave its casulties. It is reported that 35.2% of men in the UK think they had a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their life. Sadly Male suicide has consistently accounted for approximately three-quarters of all suicides in the UK since the mid 1990's. 

Every year the figures are sadly increasing. Male suicide rates continue to be double that of Females.

Iam not gonna lie. At times i've  felt very low. Present in that dark place of no return. On a comedown from drink and drugs. A failed relationship or even just simply understanding how relationships work.  Mastering the art of being a parent.

It's very easy to say I may of suffered Anxiety or depression But have I really ?

 Or is it just the case I've been in a sad state ?

One thing I do know is I speak to many lost men. All  struggling  to cope with daily tasks.  Not  knowing  if its Sadness Or Depression that hinders their daily routine. 

They feel they have no one to talk to. They wake up in the morning feeling sad, they work a boring, stressful job, that they hate. Come home to an argument with a partner. Then  have to face  job of being a parent with no previous experience. All the while trying to keep a happy straight face.

Podcasting Changed My Life ...

In 2017 I hit an all time low. I was the heaviest i'd ever been. I was turning grey, hated the way I looked. To top it off I needed a foot surgery  and was unable to work for twelve weeks. While i was off sick, i decided I was going to learnt to play the guitar, to keep myself occupied. Can I just say I never learnt to play that guitar. I never even picked thebloody thing up.  I  did start listening to Podcasts,  it was at that point i thought .... Hmmmm I wonder if i could do my own podcast ?

Seven years on i've recorded over 213 episodes of The Marc Jeffrey podcast and  have spoken to hundreds of interesting people that have changed my negative views on life and made me the much improved person I'am today, 

I'am still a work in progress but since 2017 ive taken control ofmy  weight. Given up cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and  now a veggie lol....


So today I have set up this webpage called the mancave Because it's in the mancave, at the studio on the hill at my house in  Landrake, Cornwall that I rediscovered my life. Created dreams and ambitions and started to love myself once again instead of punishing and hating myself. This page is a platform where i can share with you my medley of podcasts. 

I can now call myself a content creator and if my content can help you also change your life then i have achieved something amazing ..... Dont you think ?

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