The Marc Jeffrey                  Show

This was my first step into podcasting. I can say hand on heart say that this podcast changed my life.

Once apon a time my views where very different. Its this podcast that has inabled me to converse with many people from around the world. Changing my views on many topics. I love talkig to people and feel everyone should just pop down to their local pub and chat to randoms. Its a great exercise for understanding how others experience life. This podcast is a place for my guests to share their amazing story of life . Take a listen, who knows it may change the way you see things . 

The Locked In Show

Music is so Powerfull dont you think ?

If iam feeling happy, sad or depressed I know i can always put my headphones on a take myself away to that happy place.

The 90's was a very special decade for me and its possibly the soundtrack to my life. 

On this podcast I invite George and Taff into the studio. We chew the fat and have a Laught and regularly make fools out of ourselves. 

Music is for the Gilted Generation as someone once said and currently we havent made an episode since the Covid lockdown BUT whose not to say oneday tis podcast doesnt make a return ...

      Design 4 Life

For a very long while now I have struggled controlling my weight. The old saying, you are what you eat is so very true. On this podcast I share my battles with my food addiction . I delve deep into how I aim to better my life physically and mentally one step at a time. 

We also invite guests to the show to share their experiences with food, addiction and heath. Life id all about learning. iam not saying i have all the answer but if icome across an amzing life hack it would be my honour to share it with you.

      Marc Jeffrey                 Presents


This podcast is everything Outdoors,

Hiking , Wild Camping , Snorkeling.

Being outdoors on a hill, walking the coastal path or simply laying on a beach is So special to me.

On this podcast i will be sharing with you my adventures. Leaving product reviews and interviewing guests. Please head on over to my youtube channel and take a look at what ive been upto . Watch this space as something special is on its way ....

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